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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Haven't Fallen Completely off the Earth...
Just haven't gotten much opportunity for blogging. If I'm not busy with the kids or my job, the home computer is occupied by my spouse. When I turn in my work laptop, we may need to become a two-computer family! And here he is now (kids just went to sleep). So now you know!

Someday soon I'll have to make a list of Isaac's words. He seems to have a lot more of them than Jay did at this age, which is kind of cool. He really impressed me this morning by balancing a 12-in long block on a 6-in long block, twice in a row. Yay, Isaac!!

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I Already Regret
Telling Jay that "Mama's grouchy." This is his new catchphrase as of 5 minutes ago, and he's trying out all the different intonations to see which he likes best ("Mama GWOUchy... MAma gwouchy.. Mama gwouCHY!")

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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Monkeys on the Stairs

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Silly Little Monkeys

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Anybody Want to Open a Garage?
I still think my Dad and brother should go into business together!

Episode IV: A New Hope
That IS Episode IV, right? After having sent at least 10 resumes off in various directions, touting my technical training and varied skills and experience, I've gotten only one call, and they only asked me one question- how much salary I required- before rejecting me. I noticed an odd number on the caller ID yesterday, and when Isaac was playing with the phone this morning, I heard the "message waiting" tone, so I called our voicemail to check it out. I wasn't listening very well, what with both the kids hanging out with me, and the name of the company sounded unfamiliar. Upon repeating the message, I realized they were asking for Paul, not me! (Go figure ;) )

Pride wounded? Not at all! Just encouragement that perhaps my desire to be a full-time mama is coming to fruition! Praise God!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007
On the Bright Side

I could have a brilliant career in abstract/art photography. Oh yeah, artists don't pun. Oh well, another shooting star takes a plunge ;)


Digital Photography

Before I dropped my much-dropped and beloved Olympus, I was able to get a photo of Jay with the animal he told Uncle Greg he'd like to see at the zoo.

Thereafter, all outdoor photos are overexposed, like this snow scene (which, by the way, appeared 4 mornings after the latest frolic in the kiddie pool).

And even the flash photos seem to have an odd blue tint.

Meeting of the minds

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Another Balmy Mebane Day

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A Visit With Uncle Todd, PFC

Uncle Todd just entered "Selection" for the Special Forces, an extremely rigorous process which will determine what sort of training and work he will be doing in the coming years. Please join us in praying for him!!

Two Year Olds Fall Asleep at the Table Too

Especially when they are recovering from a double-whammy of bugs and lunch is just too long in coming!

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