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Friday, April 09, 2010
I tried something new this week. Ever since I started reading Cake wrecks, there has been a word drumming away at my subconscious: fondant fondant fondant. So, using this recipe, I whipped up a batch (wrong sized-bag of mini marshmallows, but at least I noticed and adjusted the other quantities!).

I had purchased some daisy-shaped fondant cutters and have used the Wilton gel icing colors for several projects over the past couple of years (I hope those things keep! They seem to...). It was a little nerve-wracking dropping the large fondant piece over the top of the cake, but all in all, far less stressful to my hands than trying to pipe in all that icing, and way, WAY less time-consuming than the boys' fire truck and Lightning McQueen cakes, probably in large part because I only used two colors :)

Here is the result:

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Monday, April 05, 2010
New Life

I mentioned to Mom the other day that Patricia Mouse was looking a little chubby. There's also been extra squeaking from the mouse quarters lately, but the last look I got at Patricia, she didn't look any fatter than Mortimer. I chalked it up to an overactive imagination. Tonight, I cleaned the cage, trapping the mice in the paper towel roll, and dropping them into the bottom of a paper grocery bag while I worked on their home. When I went to replace them, one of them hopped out, and I took the tube with the one in and dumped her (?) into the cage. Then I trapped the other and put the tube in the cage. I looked into the paper bag and noticed two rolls that looked a lot like (sorry!) cat excrement on the bottom. What the?? Oh, yeah. Patricia and Mortimer have been busy.

So I moved the two babies into the cage with their parents, thinking we were pretty lucky- two babies isn't many at all. Patricia retrieved her two errant children to the safety of the cardboard tube. (She was kind enough to wait for Paul to see them briefly first). I figured that was the last I'd see of the tiny ones for a while, and set about doing something else. Returning to the living room, I noticed that the babies were no longer in the tube. And there were a lot more than two. Seven babies in all! Soooo, now what??

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