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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Well, Well

I can't say it's a shock, since I noted that it's been up for rent for some months, but The House is back on the market. I would really like to see what has been done to the inside, as they are listing the house at approximately twice what it was ultimately listed at the last time (i.e. what they presumably paid). I can't seriously contemplate using THAT kitchen, now that we've had a dishwasher. I'm not going back! That would mean converting another room to a kitchen, if it hasn't ben done already. Did I mention that I would really love to see what they've done with the place?

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Songster and Bro.
This afternoon, the big boys were singing original compositions. Jay started off the concert with a song entitled, "Babies Shouldn't Eat Pencils" and segued into "Babies Shouldn't Eat Chairs (It's Not Safe)". Isaac joined in on the closing number, "The Rotten Wood Song". Despite only encompassing 5 words, this song went on and on. Jay has picked up on some of the finer points of musicianship, varying the dynamics to his songs. "The Rotten Wood Song" (as I am informed) starts loud, then goes into a quieter section. It seemed to end pretty loud, though. Isaac asked me whether I liked the loud part of the song. Although I was sure to tell him I preferred the quiet section, the artist knows best (ahem!), and so Isaac, nodding his blond head, pointed at me with his finger and announced, "I'm going to sing the loud part."

As the concert began, Jay was running back and forth behind the sofa to Daniel's delight. You really can't help but join in when he starts laughing like that! Daniel, by the way, has added the classic hands-and-knees crawl to his repertoire, though the inchworm/frog move has not disappeared. He's also pulling up on everything in sight (look out, Grandmas and Grandpas!) He gave up sleeping until 4 AM and is waking up closer to midnight these days. I know, it's time to stop bringing him to bed. I'm just so tired and he's so warm and cuddly. *Sigh*

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Damage and Restitution
It transpired that Isaac bent my lovely flower-circlet from the Renaissance Festival into a pointy-eye-of-the-needle configuration. Jay was only too glad to give me the news when I got home from work today. Isaac asked me, "Would you like another hat, Mama?" I told him he could make me another one. Instead, he headed for the front hall where my cute 1920's-looking schoolmarm pillbox is hung and started climbing the toddler-sized bench below it. I stopped him before he damaged that one!

(Heather, the circlet is fine. Not hard to bend, as it turns out!)

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Saturday, November 08, 2008
Oldie But Goodie
I stumbled upon this video from last year and had a good laugh. It's AMAZING what difference 14 months has made.

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Friday Morning Walk

This past week has been drop-dead gorgeous. We walked to the playground to play (of course!) but also to get some photos with the fall leaves. The slides and the swing were a little wet, but the weather was perfect, so I was surprised we had the playground all to ourselves (aside from the construction outside the fence, that is). The house we almost bought (top photo) has been up for rent for a couple of months now, I believe, if not longer. It was lived in for a while, but it's clearly vacant now. A family that used to go to our church lives in the house next door (as we learned when we dropped by their garage sale this summer). Our kitchen is way, way better than the kitchen in that house. Our bathroom is far cuter than either of the bathrooms in that house, too. An extra 600 square feet and an upstairs bath would be nice, though.

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Friday Night Fun
After dinner with friends, Paul and I watched this movie. *Sigh* I liked it. A lot. Some of it was silly, but I didn't have any trouble overlooking that. Cary Elwes may be responsible for my laxity, but really, who's to say?


Thursday, November 06, 2008

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Is There a Doctor In The House?

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Never Thought I'd See One of These
Hat tip: Kim

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