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Friday, May 30, 2008
Revisiting Old Friends


Thursday, May 29, 2008
Too Much Going On

So here are some photos of the biggest event around here this week:

More Nice Fabric
Green check
Fifties fabric


Thursday, May 22, 2008
Besides the Other Stuff I Haven't Blogged About

We had a momentous weekend for Mother's Day: [the boys'] grandparents in town, Paul's birthday, and Daniel's Baptism. My brother took some gorgeous photos of the offspring, below (watch out for that right hook, Grandpa G!). I took one of the B grandfolks and one of Isaac catching up on some reading =]

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I'm thinking about purchasing enough of this to make slipcovers for our dining chairs. The price is right, and it looks like nice enough fabric. I'm just not sure what the slipcovers should look like. I'm really starting to warm up to the mid-century modern aesthetic. Those curves on the chair are classy, and I like the way there's a plinth-block sort of thing going on at the top of the front chair legs. I imagine the vinyl upholstery is original (I'm sure the striped fabric is not!), though the panel is attached to the chair back in a rather clunky way (one of those star-shaped bits will be needed to detach it), so maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, any ideas?

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Busy, Busy!
We have had a pretty full day, and all these photos were taken by about 1 PM today. This was our favorite library worker's last day (Toddler Time will be continued, but with a different staff member), just when Isaac got up the courage to sit with the other kids and do all the motions and singing! We had lunch at our favorite Mama & boys lunch spot, Pomodoro, with our favorite wonderful waitress (she gets the kitchen guys to cut up the boys' piece of pizza into little bits for me- totally her idea: see why we (I) love her?). Then we tried some more exercises from the Mommy, Teach Me book. They were a little too advanced for Isaac, but Jay had a blast with the turkey baster and water. We'll give Isaac some more practice, as he really liked it, too, he just wasn't getting it yet. Daniel's been a good sport about all the big boy activities, and he's come awfully close to executing a back-to-front roll. Maybe soon!!

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Monday, May 19, 2008
This is Frightening
I'm thankful that we're too poor to be a 2-cellphone household, and that Paul's use of his is relatively limited.

Meantime, I need to be more conscientious about trying people's home phones first- I don't think unborn babies are the only ones at risk. I wish my sister would revive her land line. Ahem! KYP, do you have a landline??

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Friday, May 16, 2008
Three-Hundred Percent Return
One of my purchases turned out to be a good investment... I sold the 5 dining chairs we had been using with the dark wood table for $40- I bought the whole set for $10 when the Colonial Inn (Hillsborough) sold off all its furnishings back in 2001 or so. If our house would just quadruple in value, we'd really be getting somewhere!

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Monday, May 12, 2008
The Payoff's at the End

Thursday, May 08, 2008
Still Around
Daniel started rolling over front-to-back this week, and is quite the expert at it by now. We started trying some of the activities in the Barbara Curtis book (given to us by our dear friend Jamie and her new husband) and Jay and Isaac really enjoy them.

Our yard sale was an unmitigated disaster, but I sold my maternity clothes through an employee classified bulletin board at work, gave nearly all the newborn clothes away (to a friend and a co-worker) and we got a local charity to take the old behemoth entertainment center, so we've dealt with the pain and are moving on :-7 I still have to return the newborn clothes my friend in Maryland sent us. They're mostly gathered into one of my dresser drawers, so it's really the boxing and shipping that are the problem. We've also got a lot of post-Isaac clothes borrowed from Cathy, but I'm hoping we can keep some of them for Daniel (please?).

We've reached the point where it's only out-of-season clothes which get packed away. Other than that they pretty much get handed down directly. A lot of the summer clothes seem to migrate back-and-forth between Jay's and Isaac's drawers. Options, y'all! ;)

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