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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Stovetop or Broiled
That's how our meals come for now. For some reason, Paul thinks a $30 coil is cheaper than the sweet $360 oven I had all picked out (Lowe's of Mebane has it at the same price). The big window, the glass cooktop, the shiny white finish, the timer, the two big burners. Oh well, maybe next year. Maybe tax return time...

In the meantime, the Appliance Doctor is supposed to re-open on Monday, so maybe we'll have an oven again in a couple days' time. Lowe's of Mebane does NOT stock our bake element.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Look Out, Daniel, Here Comes Amoxicillin!
*Sigh* It's been a CRAZY couple of weeks here. We've had a major deadline at work that's been spilling into my evenings, a two-year-old who likes to scream during the day and wander around in the middle of the night, and, most recently, a baby with a respiratory infection which has made him feverish, greatly hindered his ability to sleep, and given him a nasty cough which has led to his losing many a lunch (and midnight/wee hours snack). Add to that trying to finish up Christmas preparations, and you will begin to understand why that programmable percolator was on my wish list and has been GREATLY appreciated (anyone care to fess up?)

Oh, and our oven is broken. The logs I baked tonight started out OK, but as the hour advanced, they came out worse and worse. No cut-out cookies tonight! It's the excuse I've been looking for- this oven is so old/downscale it doesn't even have a window, so I keep having to open it, letting out most of the accumulated heat (not that extra heat is unwelcome in the kitchen of a winter's day).

I guess we'll be hitting the post-Christmas sales!

More importantly, Merry Christmas, one and all!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Look Out, World, Here Comes Daniel

Our youngest is growing up fast. At 10 months old, he enjoys different kinds of meat, pasta, vegetables, fruit, and even the occasional piece of cardboard or dessicated Play-Do. Our inchworm will alternate between crawling on his hands and knees like a "proper" baby and that original style of perambulation he's perfected. He's pulling up on everything in sight and chatters like a monkey. Daniel's got a couple of words now, he's still using the Mamamam/mememem from time to time, and he seems to utter a particular grunt when he hears the train whistle. Mostly, though, he likes to talk about Vyera, or as he calls her, "ga" (usually with a short "a"). "Ga" also denotes Isaac, who's almost like a cat, except he lets you feel his hair.

Daniel's a very easygoing baby on his home turf (read: when not on extended car trips- sorry Grandmas and Grandpas) who loves attention and laughs at the slightest provocation. He just broke a third tooth on the bottom, which means the smile above is a thing of the past. Growing up much too fast!!

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We ate Sunday lunch in a deli-style restaurant not far from church. Our table was near the front window, where the restaurant's feature offerings were painted around the edges. Paul pointed to an item near our table and asked Jay what it said. Before he could answer, Isaac blurted out "Sweet tea!" Astonished, I gave Paul a "What just happened here?" look. I promise we weren't talking about beverages, there are no portrayals of items in the window, so it was quite a coincidence. I'm not at all sure whether he was looking at the window- maybe somebody with a sweet tea had walked past. All I know is, I'll be keeping a closer eye on that one.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Well in THAT Case...
I have misjudged my eldest. I thought the boy would eat anything, however, as we were returning from the grocery store yesterday, Jay suddenly remarked, "There are some things I don't like to eat. I don't like to eat trees. I don't like to eat signs. I don't like to eat cats. I don't like to eat houses."

I feel deeply ashamed. Deeply.

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