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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Oh No!




Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Thanks, Dawn!
Well, I finally ordered a curriculum. We're going with Heart of Dakota's Little Hearts For His Glory, at Dawn's recommendation. I had gotten a catalog from My Father's World, and really liked the Bible reader, but the Heart of Dakota catalog had a nice sample lesson plan that convinced me it could work for us. Isaac may wander in and out, but I think the lesson plans will be accessible for him, too, so that he'll end up getting a good deal out of it as well. We've already got quite a few workbooks that both boys enjoy working in from time to time, so I think we'll manage to keep everybody occupied.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009
Happy Easter!!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009
Not My Fault
It's not. I could name names, but let's just say that someone pointed me towards a fabulous book which has led to my whipping up FIVE batches of homemade bread in the last eight days. On top of that, someone else gave me leave to set up a blog for her wedding. Meantime, I've had oral surgery, spent an evening here and there working on my paying job, been hanging out with friends one weekend, family the next, and I gave in and joined facebook. I'm also contemplating starting a Mebane historic preservation community. 'Cuz I don't have enough to do...

One small warning: if you make babka, you have little choice but to proceed with meringues. I probably would have skipped the whole thing if I had known I'd end up getting out the mixer, but the meringues are fairly good, and I'm hopeful the babka will be even better. We'll find out tomorrow!! Homemade bread is changing my life (but not enhancing my sense of personal responsibility, obviously!)...

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Friday, April 03, 2009
One-Year-Old Tricks
Not tricks that are a year old, but tricks that a one-year-old can (and does!) do.

-Climb up and down the stairs again and again. Down is especially popular after Mama appears (No, you're NOT putting me in that crib!!)

-Point at things. It often transpires as I am pushing the stroller that I glance down to find a finger aimed emphatically at something of interest: a truck, a sign, but most likely balloons.

-Grunt and babble unpronounceable 'phrases' (a lot!). Daniel isn't saying too many real words these days (Da da is the most common one these days- I think it's both "Daniel" and "Daddy"), but we hear a lot out of him all the same.

-Stand unsupported and lunge. But only when he's in the mood.

-Communicate desires by projecting an object in front of a parent. I get a lot of books waved in my face. I had Jay read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See to Daniel this morning so I could have my hands free for something else. Despite Jay's best effort (which was so rhythmic, he was probably reciting from memory), as soon as he finished, Daniel grabbed the book away to present it to me.

-Notice that his brothers get candy at the antique store (and resent the fact!) or that Mama is eating a cupcake (and don't even TRY giving him a piece without frosting!)

-Throw tremendous baby tantrums. My BabyCenter e-mail said this is completely normal, but I really don't remember the other two throwing fits so often! I'm hoping it's just the bicuspids coming in that are making him so irritable. Boy, am I hoping!

-Laugh, laugh, LAUGH. He loves raspberries, peek-a-boo, most of the stuff his big brothers do.


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