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Saturday, February 20, 2010
So Warm

That we went to the playground (maybe next time we go it will have warmed up enough they can put their hoods down ;) )

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New Reading Adventures
We finally got a morning nice enough to walk down to the library. We've been driving there occasionally, but it's just been too cold to walk. Paul and Jay have been making pretty regular trips, since neither of them can stand to be without something new to read. Paul has alternative sources, but Jay's pretty dependent on the library!

I gave Jay the first four Magic Treehouse books for Christmas. In the two months since then, he's managed to polish off the library's collection (he found one today that he hadn't yet read), often reading two or three in an afternoon. Clearly, it is time for some "fresh meat". Our beloved librarian, Miss Shari, recommended the Junie B. Jones series and the Arthur chapter books series. I doubt these two have the historical lessons of the Magic Treehouse, but hopefully they will challenge John with some new vocabulary.

Then again, we got home about an hour ago, and he's already finished the Magic Treehouse Titanic book and is nearly done with Junie.


Monday, February 01, 2010
For All Two of You Not on Facebook,

Snowstorm photos here

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Before I Forget
Jay said something else really charming at church (before the snowstorm, of course!) when we went to pick him up from children's church. It all started so predictably: "When I see food, I'm interested in eating it."

And then: "When I see Mama, I'm interested in kissing her."

Everybody together now: Awwww :)

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