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Sunday, June 21, 2009
SpongeBob SwimPants

Jay made a bookmark for Father's Day (so did Isaac, but his wasn't as comprehensible). He drew a picture of Daddy and Jay at the pool. His swim trunks are yellow with SpongeBob eyes, so that's pretty much how they look!

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Gettin' There

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Saturday, June 13, 2009
The boys love Chicago IX. In the middle of the horn-blowin', drum crashin' melodies is "Color My World", a quiet piano ballad. As the first bars played, Isaac announced, "This song is called, 'They Couldn't Blow Their Trumpets'".

No word on the cause...

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Friday, June 12, 2009
Too Honest for Advertising
Overheard: "Isaac, that's newer than ever!! ... That's more new than usual."


Wedding Hair
The big boys got spiffy new haircuts today so they will not be shaggy for their ringbearing duties. We would have waited another week or two, but Jay's hair was already in his eyes, so it was time to act.


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Daniel was putting away blocks the other day, and so I commended him with a "Good job!" the first couple of times. He started yelling "DOB!!" every time a new block went in, looking at me expectantly. This is not a habit that dies easily ;)

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Monday, June 08, 2009
From the Mouths of Babes...
Yesterday Isaac's Sunday School class decorated foam crosses with little glue-on plastic jewels. Pretty!

As we were headed out to lunch, I noticed him peeling his jewels off the cross. "Why are you doing that, Isaac?" I asked, "Those are to make the cross pretty!"

"I don't want the cross to be pretty." He replied, and then a moment later he added, "God doesn't want the cross to be pretty".

A little stunned, I agreed that he had a point, but I'm still not sure if it was inspired or just inspired-appearing contrariness. We talked a little about the sad day at the cross and the joy that came afterwards, but I don't think it all sunk in too well. I was recounting the story to the friend we met at the restaurant, and after I told her what Isaac had said, Jay opined, "Yeah- God doesn't like pretty things!"

Again, I really don't know if he was misguided or just mischevious, but Karen and I assured the boys that God DOES like beautiful things, and we all thought of beautiful things He had made.

It's a roller coaster ride, this parenting business!!

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Saturday, June 06, 2009
Day at the Playground

Jay's weeding everything in sight. I had to encourage him to leave some wildflowers at the Transportation Museum for the butterflies! Isaac was "digging for twezhuw"

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Man Does Not Live by Blog Alone
OK, so I'm cheating on my blog with Facebook. That's one problem. Then there's my sister's wedding, preparations for which (mostly for the shower) have been consuming some of my time. Then I just haven't been at the computer all that much, as even my FB account will attest.

Anyway, life has been busy as usual. Daniel still isn't walking except occasionally. He does do more actual walking and less (p)lunging when I get down on the floor with him, and the other day, he stood up in the middle of the dining room (well, the middle of the edge- but not holding anything) and took 5-10 steps to me. He can do it; he's just not in much of a hurry! He has been adding words daily, though! That's a lot of fun- one of his recent acquisitions is "Hi"- complete with dipthong ;) He's already got "no" down, though at this point it's "nuh nuh nuh" with the corresponding head shake. And to think Jay didn't answer a question in the negative for years... =]

Jay decided he'd like a firetruck birthday cake (they had firetruck cake pans at the Transportation Museum), so we've got a theme for no. 5. So far, his guests are "the teachers from Sunday School". Kids, schmids. Maybe by September he'll decide he might want to invite some short folks, too... Jay is doing great with our very informal school work. He keeps asking for a new memory verse, so I think we're going to go with a new verse every week, even though I may not get through the "curriculum week" for two or three actual weeks. Paul and I are working out our own plan, so we can both know what the goals are and spend time on them.

Isaac likes learning the verses too, and we are actually ahead of the game with most subjects, it's just the activities we don't seem to complete. We did make boats out of tin foil yesterday and float them in a dish pan. That went over well, and then we took the dishpan outside to the porch so that the parts of the dining room that hadn't yet flooded would be spared. The boys had fun watering the garden/yard in the rain. Why not?

Isaac's poop is happy today for the first time in weeks. A couple of candy frogs had to help push it out, but it finally went straight from digestive tract to toilet with no soiled underwear in between. I made him sit on the toilet about 5 times today, because he was holding it back ALL DAY. It's kind of cruel, but still kind of funny, that when we were on the train today at the Transportation Museum, I asked him every time he got a focused look on his face what he was doing, because I really didn't want to have poopy pants on the train. I had taken him to the restroom and sat him down on the toilet before the train ride, but it would not have been the first time he had gotten down off the potty and made a mess right away. Ugh! I sure hope he is ready to carry through with this success, but we had gotten him to do his number 2 on the potty once before with no apparent continuing benefit. I won't miss the *Gru-uuu-unt* "Your turn, Isaac" or the "Here comes the poop train: Chugga chugga POOP POOP!!" or "We want happy poop! It wants to go in the potty!" I tried to speak his language. What can I say?

In more appetizing news, we had falafel from a box ("pom poms" in Isaac-speak) with yogurt dill sauce from our dearly departed downtown gourmet store and home made pita bread for dinner after we got home. I, for one, thought it was delicious, though it wasn't a whole lot of food. Daniel and Jay liked the pom poms. Isaac, on the other hand, wasn't terribly enthusiastic. Of course, he did have a very full gut until AFTER the meal!

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