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Monday, September 27, 2010
Party Time, Excellent..

Jay had a blast at his birthday party! Some new 6-y-o quotables:
~"Turkey sandwiches!!" *gasp* *gasp* "With CHEESE!!" (upon being asked to choose his birthday lunch)
~"I just can't thank you *enough* for the dinosaur pellets!" (bidding a generous friend goodbye)
~"It looks like the surface of Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons." (gazing into his microscope for the first time, at a Hershey's kiss paper flyer)
~"Fourteen" (Answering my question "How old is it?", a response to Isaac's assertion that today is Air's birthday)
~"I love it so much that I want to give you ten kisses. Or maybe twenty. Yes, I want to give you 20 kisses!" (before he kissed me 24 times, after seeing his cake with the green cacti)

We are so blessed and so very thankful for our wonderful 6-year-old, and his handsome brothers :)

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Monday, September 20, 2010
Exciting Week for Oldest
Today, Jay became a Bobcat/Cub Scout (I am not up on the technicalities), and tomorrow, he becomes a SIX Year Old!! Daddy took him to his meeting (the boy and Daddy from the next block were there too :) ). According to Paul, it was all announcements and "boring as it could be". John had a radically different view. He told me he had a great time and that the other first-graders were very nice ("Like he got to talk to them!" said Daddy). But Daddy is happy that Jay is excited (infectious enthusiasm is one of his very strong suits), so next stop is Graham to pick up a uniform, I guess!

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Jay was excited to see a birthday card for him. Looking at the return address, he exclaimed, "Oh! It's from Grandpa and Aunt Jan!" It's confusing when your Aunt by marriage and maternal grandma have almost the same name. Particularly when it doesn't occur to you that your grandpa and aunt aren't likely to have address labels made for the two of them...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Eating cashews at my parents' house: Isaac trots over and says, "Pwease may I have more twubbled nuts?" I drop some into his hand and ask, "How do you know they're troubled?" Never ever ever at a loss, Isaac shoots back, "Wook at 'em" cradling his dozen cashews, "Vey're day-ed!"

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