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Friday, June 25, 2010
Baby Shower
June has been a hectic month. Paul's been practicing being a Model of a Modern Major General, work has continued to keep me busy, the boys keep growing and learning, I started Weight Watchers, we all traveled north to celebrate my sister and brother-in-law's impending child, then I ended up getting back in the car shortly after our return when a dear friend lost her father suddenly. Work got busier this past week, so thankfully Paul had the boys at VBS and I was able to go in on my day off and spend most of the day there without having to arrange child care! Yesterday was an unusually long day which included an early morning call to 911 (on behalf of our octogenarian neighbor, who probably broke her hip- it's safe to say her day was longer and worse than mine!)

In any case, here are the photos from our Ohio trip (previously posted on facebook).

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Did You Know?
So Paul checked a book about Neptune out of the library for Jay the other day. Jay was engrossed in learning about Neptune when he stopped, looked up and asked me, "Did you know, Mama, that Neptune's axis is just imaginary?" When I mentioned that the earth's axis was also imaginary, he gasped in wonder and I proceeded to explain that the planets weren't attached to anything, but were held in their orbits by gravity. He was speechless.

Then last night, he returned to his book only to ask me in utter astonishment if I knew that the equator was also imaginary (he wasn't quite sure how to pronounce it, but it wasn't too hard to figure out his latest discovery). When I said that I did know that, he asked me, "Then why was it on my globe?" I didn't have a great answer for that one, put on the spot like that and all :)

For those of you who may have missed a few of my recent status updates:
- Went to a most excellent pig pickin' this evening (Ed. note: Sunday). Problem Child walked by the pig, took one look, and started asking (really loudly), "Pig? Are you alwight? Pig? Are you ALWIGHT?" This is how he gets away with being a Problem Child. The boy cracks us up on a regular basis. (Ed. note: He knew the pig was NOT awwight, he's just kinda crazy. He followed up this little gem with, "Did you know vat's a DEAD PIG?!? Have you evew heawd of a DEAD PIG?!?" He ate his BBQ!)
- Another budding doctor in the family? This time, Daniel extracted the pebble from his *own* nose as I was gathering shoes in preparation for my first trip to the local urgent care center. (Ed. note: this was about 90 minutes ago. Paul was at rehearsal :P)

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