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Sunday, July 11, 2010
RIP Wormy

Although we haven't had our rodent friends for long, Isaac and Wormy bonded immediately. They spent most of the day together for the first week or so. Being 4, Isaac wasn't especially sensitive to Wormy's needs or nerves, but he spent a lot of time telling her sweetly, "Wormy, it's OK, God is always with you". *Sniff*

I wasn't there to see the injury happen. I had been outside for a moment, and when I came back in, the boys said they had been playing hide and seek with their mice & I could tell right away when they picked up Wormy, she had met with some terrible accident. Isaac held her for a while, prayed for her, and put her in the mouse house. When I returned to check on her a few moments later, Hermie had buried her. It was one of those dreaded conversations, but I'm sure the most important part was the hugs. Poor Isaac :(

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Sunday, July 04, 2010
Nothing to Turn a Grumpy Evening Around
Like having your two-year-old wander into the room absently singing "Jesus Loves Me".

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